MPM School Supplies

Project Profile

We own several daycares in Ohio and (like all daycares) need to buy supplies, furniture, and equipment regularly. Because of the convenience and efficiency online shopping provides, we purchase as many supplies as possible online.

However, purchasing products online became frustrating. The available online stores were overly complex, had poor product quality, and lacked customer service. So, we thought to ourselves, "We can fix this!"

In 2008, we started MPM School Supplies, an online teacher supply store that addresses our (and your) frustrations! We sell everything from pencils to school furniture (one website for all your educational needs). Our goal is to provide teachers, parents, childcare centers, and entire school systems with all of the educational materials they need "to experience the joy of touching lives" ™.

Since 2008, we have done many things to make your online shopping easier and continue to improve with valuable feedback from our customers. Below are a few of the areas we have recently improved upon.

Safe and Secure


Buying products online should not be a scary experience. There are WAY too many e-commerce sites using only the minimum amount of security just so they can slap those "secure" logos on their site. This really gets to us at Tristro, and we believe that a customer’s security deserves more than just meeting minimum requirements.

That is why MPM School Supplies uses the latest security techniques and encryption to keep your private information, well, private! We not only use great security, but we understand how it works because we built it from the ground up in-house.

With Tristro, you can be confident your information is secure and used only as you intended. We do not share information with third parties without your consent, we never spam, and we do not store payment information after a transaction is processed. Those things annoy us as much as they annoy you!

Quick Checkout

Have you ever had a great experience at an online store and then you get to an awful checkout? The majority of sites make it difficult for customers to checkout by asking too many irrelevant questions and using technical language that only makes sense to the computer geek who created the site! This can leave us feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Making the MPM School Supplies checkout fast and easy to use was on the top of our list. We focused on allowing customers to checkout with or without an account. If a customer has an account but cannot remember their password, they can reset it or associate the purchase with their account later. If the customer wants an account, he only needs to complete three fields to create one (name, email, password)! It doesn't get much easier than that...although we have a few ideas in the works!


The MPM School Supplies checkout is also only a single page! The page is divided into 3 easy-to-follow steps that guide a customer through placing an order. During the process, helpful tips are available in popup boxes to answer common questions.

Check Us Out!

Sound like a great experience? Try shopping at and we guarantee your experience will be easier then our competitors' sites.

More To Come...

Our projects are never complete. We believe in continued improvement, and we look forward to replacing the ideas above with new, even more innovative ideas in the near future! And you know where our best ideas come from? ... You! We value your opinion and would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think and help us create an even better experience!