Project Profile

If you are in the child care industry (or any industry for that matter), you understand how difficult (but also how vital) it is to find software that fits your business. The software you choose must:

  • Streamline your operations.
  • Create efficiencies in your organization.
  • Save you and your employees time and, ultimately, money.

If it cannot do at least the above, then what is the point?

The (Unfortunate) State of Software

There are plenty of software packages out there, all claiming to be the end-all, be-all for our industry. Does this sound familiar:

  • "For the low price of several thousand dollars per location, you too can be locked into our software company's idea of how a daycare should operate."
  • "Want more than one person to be able to use the software? No problem. That's only a few hundred dollars more per additional user."
  • "Oh, you have more than 10 customers (families)? You just need to buy additional 'seats'. Sure, our software can handle any number of 'seats' without modification, and sure, you're paying for the additional computer resources because the software runs on your computer, but we just want to share in your success as a business!"
  • "A very detailed support manual is included free of charge! It will answer every question you will ever have about using your new software. If you ever need support though, just give us a call! We'll be happy to add you to our support plan, only a couple thousand dollars per year, per location."
  • "We know technology evolves rapidly, so we are continually improving our software. Be sure to sign up for our software update plan, only a small annual fee. If you opt out of our update plan, you'll just have to do this all again next year because your software will be out-of-date and it will be phased out of support. The update plan is a phenomenal deal!"

We've been there! Trust me: we have tried every child care software package out there. Fortunately, we have the capability to build our own software in-house! And so we do! The brain is our attempt at fixing daycare software.

Enter: The Brain

The brain has evolved over the last 10 years, from a Microsoft Access database on a single computer to a web application accessible from anywhere in the world!

Our software is far from perfect, but it's perfect for us. Built for daycare people, by daycare people.

Best Pricing Model

Our software is priced at a fixed, annual license fee per location. No gimmicks.

  • Want to allow more of your employees to use the software? Unlimited users...for free! And the brain even provides user roles to limit employee access to sensitive company or customer information.
  • Did you just enroll your 11th family? Congratulations! Add as many families, parents, children, employees, and users as you want. All included.
  • Need help? Call one of our software developers directly. We'll give you a direct, local number.
  • What about software updates? Updates are continuous and instant! Our software is web-based, so updates are released to everyone as soon as available. No software to install. Just enjoy the new features!


Like all Tristro products and services, the brain is constantly evolving. We strongly believe in continuous improvement, and we love exploring new technologies. For example, our time clock kiosks allow parents and employees to clock in using their fingerprint or driver's license! Talk about convenient!


Need a feature not currently included in the brain? We'll give you the source code. Make any changes you want. And we'll even cut your license fee in half since you'll be handling your own hosting.


Interested in using our Brain software? Please contacts us and we will get back to you with additional details and prices.